Is Your Site Web Design Mobile Responsive?

posted on April 5th 2017 in Chattanooga Web Design with 0 Comments

Web Design

In 2017, it is still surprising the amount of Web Design that is still not mobile responsive!  In a day where some sites gain as much as 90% of their organic traffic from mobile devices, the need to be mobile ready is more important than ever! Web design that follows a mobile responsive build is not only […]

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How to Maximize Web Design for Mobile Devices

posted on June 29th 2016 in Chattanooga Web Design & Design with 0 Comments

web design

Mobile access is one of the fastest-growing sectors of Internet use. Estimates suggest that two out of every three minutes spent online are now on electronic mobile devices, whether that means smartphones, tablets, e-readers, or other gadgets. Crafting mobile-friendly web design is more important than ever, especially for businesses. Studies suggest that you only have […]

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Web Design Chattanooga, TN

Web Design Chattanooga TN

Chattanooga Web Design has been a focus of Marketing Chattanooga since our inception, but with the assisted in-house cooperation of Sprocket Web Werks and Root Web Design, Marketing Chattanooga has taken our game to a whole new level!  Expert level chattanooga web design, done in-house, but a dedicated crew of some of the best designers and […]

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Chattanooga SEO

SEO Chattanooga

Looking for the best Chattanooga SEO services?  Have an incredible website but just cannot rank well with Google?  Been recently docked by Google due to outdated “Blackhat” SEO practices? Marketing Chattanooga can help! Did you know that 75% of users never scroll past the first page on Google?  Did you know that if you fail […]

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Chattanooga Web Design

Web Design Chattanooga

When it comes to Chattanooga Web Design, Marketing Chattanooga could not be more proud to welcome Richard Jacobs to our team.  Richard brings a wealth of web, SEO and graphic design knowledge to the Marketing Chattanooga family and has already exceeded our expectations in his short time on board with us! Marketing Chattanooga has been developing industry […]

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