We approached Lenny Delius at Service Heat & Air with the desire to pull them from their locally built, non-SEO optimized template website, and place them into a substantially more modern website, with absolute keyword and Google Local dominance in the HVAC industry.  We were presented with a limited budget with lofty goals, including: the need for a new website which was head and shoulders above their competitors, Search Engine Optimization and Google Local rankings.  Keyword domination would be easy to track considering their current rankings were non existent in a very competitive, highly searched industry.  SEO campaign would last 6 months, with results heavily followed.  Within 4 months, Service Heat & Air was page 1 of all keyword searches, with their Google Local listing rivaling the largest competitor in the region!

  • Client - Service Heat & Air
  • Date Completed - June 2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - Web Design, Social Media Optimization, SEO
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