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Looking to rank and dominate local search results Chattanooga? This is where we thrive! Seeking to be #1 on Google Local. Want to dominate Google Maps and in the organic search in your area? In recent years, this has become the most potent form of local advertising, and compared to traditional SEO, it is the fastest to show results. Want to know the secret? Just schedule a consult and let MarketWeb show you what we can do!

Our 3-Step Approach to
Local SEO on Google Maps

1. Identify the Key Terms Which Succeed

We scour for relevant SEO keywords that work for your industry. All done in an effort to gain the best high value keywords which will drive your business to the top of Google’s search ranking index. Not only do we seek the key terms which your customers search to find you, but also the non-traditional keywords which are often “hidden gems.” All with a goal of properly optimizing your Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business (GMB). This combination of Listing Optimizations and Citation Building will get your site ranking boosted and often far more quickly than traditional SEO.

2. Optimize your Google Business Profile

The primary goal here? When customers search for your businesses products or services, who do they find first? Is it you? Using our established methods, following a proven criteria, we can get your GBP (GMB) Listing ranking on the top of the results for Google Maps. Contact us today to take control of your local search engine optimization results!

3. Create a Citation Network

Building a strong citation network is an absolute necessity when you’re aiming for the top spot for local search engine optimization. By utilizing high-value, industry-specific directories, you prove to Google your legitimacy. What’s more, with the power of positive reviews, GMB growth is assured!

Google Business Profile

Add/Claim Your Google Business Profile

As a customer searches Google for a product or service they are often led to the Google Business Profiles relevant to their search. This is effectively a Google Maps search result, where ideally, your listing is found, alongside your competitors. Around half of all businesses active today, have not claimed, nor optimized their GBP listing. If you haven’t claimed your GBP, you could be missing a staggering amount of potential business.


Update Your GBP Information

Your detailed business information needs to be accurate and up to date. Items like: Your business name, industry, category, location, hours of operation, phone number, and more need to be accurate and complete. A strong foundation representing your business information is integral in allowing Google or a customer seeking your business’s products or services.


Use Quality, Geo-Tagged Photos

Put your business on the map, literally! Quality photos are necessary to show off your products, property and people. By incorporating original photos to your Google Business Profile page, you build quality and trust among Google and your potential customers.. Eye-catching, locally taken photos will boost your ranking and increase your click through rate. When it comes to your business profile, quality photos are key! Regularly updating photos and video content is almost as important and quality reviews.


Ensure You Are Placed Correctly on Maps & 3rd Party Sites

Your business address information must be accurate and consistent across Google and third party sites which Google crawls regularly. This includes your Google Business Profile, website, social media pages and other directories. Google expects consistency and fluidity across the internet and can penalize you for outdated addresses, phone numbers or mismatched content.


Verify Your Business

It’s one thing to have a Google Business Profile, it’s another to have it properly verified. Verification is a simple process, but one many businesses often fail to complete. Once “Verified” by Google, your profile will officially be live and ready to optimize.


Find and Update Duplicate Listings

Duplicate listings, as well as listings with incorrect information can often harm your business. A change of address, an outdated phone number or an old website URL can often lead Google penalizing your GBP page, forcing customers to look elsewhere. Properly optimizing your brand across the web is essential in telling your potential customers, you are who you say you are.


Manage and Request Positive Reviews

Proactively request your existing customers to leave quality reviews on Google and other websites such as social media. The more quality and abundant your reviews are, the more Google will take note of your business profile.


Ensure Your Name, Business and Phone Number Matches On Your Website and GBP

The NAP is an acronym for Name, Business, and Phone Number. Your NAP is critical to achieve quality rankings in local organic searches. In addition, key webpages on your site will need to have this information coded in the page’s own HTML.


Create Ongoing Quality Citations

Citations are business listings on other websites. Other than Google, these citations can be found on sites such as Yahoo, Bing, YP, etc. Firstly we audit your existing citation listings and create a plan for managing existing citations while launching new ones. From there we will assist you with a plan to create new citations on various directories monthly.


Optimize to Strengthen and Dominate Your Position

Your local search engine optimization performance will be reviewed against your competitors on a quarterly schedule. This ensures we will make proper adjustments to amplify your results even further.

Local Search Optimization

At MarketWeb, it’s our primary focus! Local marketing, for local business.

If you are serious about your business, your Google Business Profile (GBP), Google Maps, and your website, you need MarketWeb. Our custom tailored packages do this.

Google Business Profile Management
$640Starting Monthly
  • $250 Setup cost
  • Comprehensive audit of GBP pages and content, to include: .
  • Creation of GBP Pages and Content
  • Optimization & Ongoing Creation/Management of Your GBP Page
  • GBP Citation Auditing and Management Across Over 50 Directories
  • Reputation and Review Marketing Consult
  • Base Content Creation for GBP pages
  • Comprehensive Monthly Reporting