SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Page 2? Who’s There?

Why Optimize?

Just look at the statistics. You want to be on page 1.

If you don’t already take search engine optimization as important to your business success, these statistics should course correct you. We have assisted numerous businesses for multiple years with organic SEO, turning start-ups and local companies into multi-city growing businesses.

A quick look at the click-thru rates by rank on Google would show you the following:

  • Rank 1 outperforms Rank 2 by a factor of 3x
  • Rank 1 outperforms Rank 3 by a factor of 4x
  • Rank 1-3 account for more than 50% of the clicks
97% of Consumers
Use the Internet When Researching Local Products & Services
80% of Searches
Happen on Google (Another 10% on Bing)
98% of Searchers
Choose a Business That is On Page 1

How We Do It

And why do we avoid black hats?

There used to be (and still exists) a lot of shady SEO companies that would practice what is called “Black-Hat SEO.”  They would use non-Google approved methods, such as keyword stuffing and backlink farms, to game the system and get you relevant rankings in no time.  Sounds great, right?  Well, not once Google and other search engines followed suite de-indexing and putting manual actions on all these sites.

So that is why we avoid these tactics.  We ONLY use Google-approved tactics, which is summed up into the following:  “providing a good user experience that allows the searcher to find content related to what they were searching for and letting them take an action.”

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Does Your Website Bring You

22,091 Unique Visitors Per Year?

Through an organic SEO campaign, that is exactly what we provided GreenForm Construction. From a startup in Chattanooga to a multi-city expansion into Nashville, Knoxville and Huntsville, we provided a web presence that worked 24/7 as a invaluable lead generation tool.

Leads Submitted
Found them Via Organic Search
Conversion Rate

Really couldn’t be happier with the service we receive from Marketing Chattanooga. Shawn told me how he was going to get my business to perform better on search engines. He reached our goals quicker than I expected! I view Marketing Chattanooga more as a partner than vendor. I really couldn’t see running my business without the services and guidance of Marketing Chattanooga.

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