Chattanooga Web Design

Your success is our primary responsibility at Marketing Chattanooga.  From Chattanooga web design creation, content and brand marketing, to graphic design, you’re covered!  We all know the value of having a strong website, but what if no one can find it?  Having a beautiful website without visibility is like having an exotic sports car without an engine!

Marketing Chattanooga can help with all your website needs, from inception to creation to end promotion.

Isn’t it time you put the web to work for you?


Having a great website without proper SEO Chattanooga is like having a Ferrari with no engine…. It looks pretty, but will get you nowhere! The need for Organic traffic is more important now than ever before as Google continues to police the web, update their algorithms and demand certain criteria on our web presence.

Competition for Google rankings are more fierce than ever before as the web continues to explode with new businesses, and the simple fact is, the site with the best organic strategy will win the ranking war!


Google/Yahoo and Bing AdWords are a great way to drive paid traffic to your site, test the waters for web traffic to your industry and supplement the cost of deeper organic services. A limited budget AdWords campaign can quickly show you the value of web traffic for your industry as well as assist in the Domain Authority value of your website.

A properly built and optimized AdWords campaign is the quickest and most cost effective way to produce traffic to your website.


The value of a well designed, properly optimized website is well known among most industries. However, most businesses do not know what is truly involved to create a proper, “Google Approved,” web design. Gone are the days of merely making a template based website, and hoping Google will crawl it, give it a thumbs up, and rank it more highly. Competition on the web is fierce!

A proper website now requires both the cosmetic as well as the properly optimized aspects necessary for Google to move you up the rankings naturally. A “free” template based website can give you a visibility, but with no deep optimization options, you cannot hope for Google to rank you amongst your stronger web presence competitors! This is where Marketing Chattanooga comes in!

Designing exclusively in WordPress, Mark and Richard build a completely custom site that both caters to the eyes of you and your clients, as well as the stringent requirements of Google.


Do you currently have a recently built website? Is it fully mobile responsive? Is it currently being penalized by the stringent Google Penguin and Panda algorithm? These are all vital questions to ask as Google continues to crack down on websites that do not meet their criteria!

Did you know a non-mobile responsive website effectively loses 40% of mobile traffic as Google continues to drop you down the list?! Is your site mobile, functional and looking good, but still not drawing traffic? Perhaps it’s lacking the relevant “hooks” which Google requires to rank you better for relevant keywords.

These are all things Marketing Chattanooga can assist with.


The most powerful tool on the web right now is research! The wonderful thing? Google has taken all the guesswork out of where you should utilize your time, effort and money to better rank to your prospective clients! A detailed keyword audit assists you in seeing first hand the amount of searches for relevant keywords, the competition for those keywords and the value of each!

Can you imagine the power of knowing exactly which keywords are most likely to convert web browsers to clients? How about knowing exactly where your competitors are ranking for their particular keywords? Imagine the strength in knowing exactly where your competitors are spending their time and efforts, and what steps are most prudent to overtake them with the least amount of effort?

There is nothing more powerful in this industry than research, and Marketing Chattanooga has the tools to guarantee your keyword success!