Local SEO Chattanooga

Local SEO Chattanooga?

Let’s talk local SEO Chattanooga?  Do your local business listings sync up?  Google, Yahoo, Bing?  What happens when you “Google” your business name?  The same with Bing and Yahoo?  Is the information correct?  Is everything accurate?  Are pictures and listings modern and updates?  When you analyze your SEO Chattanooga, are you suffering from duplicate accounts you have built over the years?  If so, these items are only hurting your organic SEO rankings!  To dominate local listings requires multiple steps, such as: Having your properly updated information registered not only with Google, Yahoo and Bing, but also with the many dozens of other search providers which Google crawls to confirm accurate information!  What does this mean?  If you have old, improperly formatted or even worse, duplicate information listed on a Yelp, Yellow Pages or Foursquare account, Google will limit your visibility in their local listing updates!Imagine if you will.  The sign on your business is in disrepair.  Packages delivered to your business are blocking your doorway.  What do you do?   You repair the sign and you move the boxes.  You make sure your business is easy to find.  The same care is required for your local online presence.  You won’t rank well if you have conflicting information on any one of the thousands of sites where Google and other search engines gather local listings data.  Not to mention, consumers are confused when they see discrepancies—they’re likely to go to a competitor whose listings are clean and consistent.
The good news?  Marketing Chattanooga, a Yext Certified Partner, can do this work for you!  Far cheaper than you might imagine!  What if I told you, we at Marketing Chattanooga could not only analyze your local listings from over 200 local search listings, but that we could also build and establish your brand on each of these, while at the same time removing all duplicate content and completely optimizing each of these profiles for the benefit of Google Local searches?  Even better, what if I told you, we could regularly and consistently update promotions, coupons and advertisements within your local profile, and do so with only a handful of clicks?
Best of all!  What if I told you we could do it for FAR cheaper than you might imagine, while always giving you a track-able source to confirm the quality of the work done?  Each listing built and delivered to your inbox in a link-able format?  Well, we can!Give us a call and we’ll tell you more about local listings management.

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