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Is Your Site Web Design Mobile Responsive?

In 2017, it is still surprising the amount of Web Design that is still not mobile responsive!  In a day where some sites gain as much as 90% of their organic traffic from mobile devices, the need to be mobile ready is more important than ever! Web design that follows a mobile responsive build is not only incredibly valuable, but also completely necessary.  Google is now heavily penalizing websites that are not following this mobile ready site protocol; docking said sites by 30% or more of potential mobile traffic.

The good news?  Mobile responsive web design is a very doable thing, and if your current website is WordPress, even more so!  This is a necessary step now, and getting this done sooner than later can assist your bottom line marketing efforts immensely! So what can you first, to see if your web design is mobile responsive?  Google has made it very easy to check this!  Simply click the link here, to be taken to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page.  Enter your URL and Google will do the rest.

If Google finds you meet all the criteria for mobile responsive, then great! You are where you need to be.

If you fail, the next step really needs to be getting your site mobile-friendly right away! Reach out to Marketing Chattanooga, let’s have a coffee, discuss options and do what it takes to get you exactly where you need to be.  In a time where the vast majority of new product or services searches happen in a search engine, it is vital to be found by clients searching for you on their mobile devices.

Marketing Chattanooga has proudly launched over 150 mobile responsive websites in our 5 year history! The heavy majority still being active, live sites completely up to Google’s present day standards.

Considering a free audit of your website needs?  We are only a moment away, contact us today!



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