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Chattanooga Web Design. Template Or Custom?

To design custom, or template based websites is a question many smaller businesses battle with these days.  Do we settle for a quickly built, generally free, template based website that can give us an online home, but offer limited visibility?  Or, do we commit to utilizing the proven SEO benefits of a custom built WordPress site build with a virtually future proof web life? If considering Chattanooga web design, here are a few things to consider.

I ask you these relatively simple questions:  What is a client worth to you?  What is the value of a new web lead?  What is the value of a dominant Google, Yahoo and Bing ranking worth?

It’s 2017.  We all know the value of the web.  The value of a strong ranking for our businesses.  We know that individuals searching for our products or services, more often than not, will begin this search on the web.  We also know that if our website is not ranked squarely among the top 3 organic listings for relevant keywords, there is a very strong likely hood that our site will never be seen.

The thing to most understand in this decision to go template based or custom, is that the vast majority of template based sites offer very limited SEO promoting tools.  Very limited customization.  Very limited future growth.  Basically, what you see, is what you get.  A custom, WordPress site build however, comes complete with onsite SEO tools in place, a virtually future proof life expectancy and a vast amount of expansion possibility.

So again…  What is a new client worth to you? Two hundred and fifty dollars? Five thousand dollars? Fifty Thousand dollars?  More?  How many clients in your target locale are searching for your product or service every day?  How many of them are not finding you due to your limited web visibility?

How many of these possible clients are you missing out on, due to you not having a properly optimized website presence?

Is it really worth the risk of missing out on these potential “hot leads,” in an effort to save on your initial marketing budget?

Want to know more ways on how to better brand your business on a budget, read this great article by Amanda @ HubSpot!


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