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The Questions to Ask Web Design Companies Before You Hire Them

Looking for professional web design but don’t know where to start? Every firm is likely to sell you the same story, but only a select few will really be able to cater to your actual needs. Remember that your website is an integral part of your brand; you need it to reflect who you are.

As you’re researching web design companies, take the time to ask each potential firm these simple questions to get an idea of your compatibility with each other — and to know exactly what you’ll be getting.

    • Can I See Examples of Your Past Work?
      The first thing you’ll want to understand is their website design style. Thoroughly browse through several different websites in their portfolio to make sure that the sites are easily navigable and appealing. Imagine yourself as a customer of the business, not the web design company. Can you find the information you want, and is it easy on the eyes? Some 38% of users will close out a site if the content or layout is unattractive.


    • What Other Services Do You Provide?
      Increasingly, web design packages come with not only page design, but social media page development, SEO strategies, copywriting services, and anything else you need to succeed online. If you need some or all of those services, make sure you hire a firm that has the talent to get the job done right. Even if you’re only looking for basic design services, full-service digital marketing sets the elite web design companies apart from the imitators. That’s because these web design companies will infuse their knowledge of digital marketing into your site’s DNA.


  • How Do You Measure Results?
    Simply having a beautiful website is not enough to make it worth your while. You need services that will generate traffic and leads to your site, then get people to stay there long enough to hook them. Generally, you only have about 10 seconds to make an impression before a user moves on. The web design firm you hire should have a track record of growth results before and after their designs are implemented, and the numbers to prove it.

Don’t underestimate the power of good design. It could mean the difference between client trust and total rejection. In 94% of cases, people distrust a website based on design perception alone. Website design services are there to make you shine, but only if you let them.

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